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"I took an In-Design class at AcademyX, and followed it up with a private session with the instructor....and they were both extremely helpful. Both the staff at AcademyX and the instructor were professional and accommodating. I would highly recommend them for classroom and private one-on-one instruction."

            - Sheri Forrest

"I really liked your school [and the instructor]. I think your classes are easy to follow and I like your teaching techniques."

            - Rachel Garcia

"PS - You were an awesome teacher. With the background you gave me I've been able to breeze through my Unix/c program!"

            - Karen Katz

"You were right about [the instructor] - she was great. Patient, thorough, nice. I am totally looking forward to the next class."

            - Lou Avakian

"I really enjoyed the beginning HTML class I took with you guys!"

            - Trisha Pritikin

"I had tried to start learning Dreamweaver MX on my own, but without any luck. After taking the two classes I feel that I am ready to get out there and start making my web pages. The classes were excellent!!! Thanks again!"

            - anonymous feedback form

"[The instructor] is a wonderful teacher!"

            - anonymous feedback form