Front-End Web Development

Price: $4,995

Duration: 150 hours of instruction and labs

Dates: Currently not scheduled.

Web pages nowadays typically have features processed solely in the browser window: chat windows, fade-outs, drag-and-drops, self-populating fields, as well as integration with services such as Google Maps and Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter. These features are implemented with JavaScript and its libraries. In this 12-week course we cover JavaScript and how to use it with HTML5/CSS3 and data stores like JSON. We show you how to write dynamic web apps using AJAX, "by hand", including integrating Google Maps and social media APIs. Once you've mastered the foundations, we cover how to use JavaScript to manipulate CSS using the jQuery library. We also cover how to make single-page web applications using the various libraries and frameworks: Ember, Angular, and Backbone. Finally, we cover how to use Bootstrap.js to make a web site that is responsive to the different screen sizes: desktop screens, laptops, tablets, and smartphones


Mike Lanier has taught web programming for AcademyX and other IT training firms for over 3 years. He currently teaches Python, JavaScript, Node.js, and Java. He has experience interviewing and hiring staff to help in managing the design, organization and implementation of online training resources.

Topics include:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • HTML5 and JavaScript Integration
  • jQuery for Web Sites
  • jQuery for Mobile
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • Node.js
  • Angular.js
  • 24 hours of elective classes, from among:
    • HTML Fundamentals
    • HTML Advanced
    • CSS Fundamentals
    • CSS Advanced
    • Wordpress Fundamentals
    • Drupal Fundamentals
    • Photoshop Fundamentals
    • SQL Scripting
  • Labs and Instructor Review Periods


  • Highschool diploma or equivalent experience
  • Intermediate HTML/CSS or equivalent previous experience with HTML, including forms.
  • Basic programming experience (variables, conditionals, loops and functions).

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